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Shoulder injuries

Shoulder injuries are extremely common, especially from overuse if you do manual work or a sport that involves a lot of stress on the joint and repeated movements. Because the shoulder is such a free moving joint, and surrounded by a number of small muscles, it is prone to injury.

You should seek medical advice if:

  • The pain is sudden or intense
  • You find it difficult or impossible to move your shoulder
  • The pain began following an accident or impact
  • Your shoulder is badly swollen
  • You have numbness in the shoulder or persistent pins and needles

Recovery from shoulder pain can normally take two to six weeks, and minor examples of shoulder pain can often be treated at home. A standard method for treating shoulder injuries and pain is to use ice and compression. Physicool’s bandages provide compression for the area while our coolant provides cooling to reduce pain and swelling. Unlike ice our products require no refrigeration and can be applied continuously, which means you get hours of cooling pain relief.


Some of the most common shoulder injuries our products can help you with include:


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